Life‘s a journey as we all know and the further you travel the closer you get to the whole point of it all. The most important thing along the way in my opinion is to love yourself – and you‘ll love every creature. This is perhaps the meaning of Delphi‘s oracle „Know yourself“. The answer lies within yourself. At least that‘s what I come to realize. Key to this to me is faith. Faith that it‘s alright. I‘m alright. I was born to be here. I got every right to be the part I am in this whole universe. Dutyfree. When my mum compared me years ago to a diamond of many she said I would never throw one diamond away no matter how raw it may seem it‘s still a diamond and so everyone is like a diamond – worth just as much as everyone else. Since that day I know. And I can feel love. I count my blessings every day, know what I can achieve and am grateful for this gift of life. It helps me to never quit.To carry on loving – myself and every creature on this beautiful planet. Because I‘m worth it.