Because love is the foundation of being I like to care for others and help. Being a mum for now over 50% of my lifetime I kind of grasped what it means to take care. And I never regret to have gotten the opportunity of finding out. Caring for someone else means to let go of your own ego at times but to never forget to care for yourself. Think of the airoplane security advice regarding the air supply in case of emergency: always help yourself first to have capacities for helping the kids. Finding joy in following their interests, admiring their achievements, following their path watching them succeed and helping to rise is priceless. Joining my beautiful son Finn on his journey into adulthood must be one of the greatest gifts I received. Of course it‘s bound to be worrying at times but it puts things into perspective. And again, letting go of my ego, all the plans I may have made for him, all the predictions I made up – letting go and just watching him grow up is a good lesson for life. When Finn moved out in January 2018 it hit me hard and I realized once more what part my ego played in this. I spent a few months battling this until finally meeting Sarah again. Finn is (obviously) the best lad I know. He asks the right questions about life and reflects upon it like a wise guy. Spending a lot of time making music and writing lyrics he impresses me every time again. His recent achievement is to finally figure where to start his future and picked five uni courses around sociology, communication and economics (Dual BA) he applied for. Let‘s pray for success. 

In August 2018 I started a new job as a carer assisting a wheelchair bound lady throughout her day to day life. It‘s a give and take job that helps me to stay grounded whilst filling her needs. Beside my work in the fashion world it comes as a nice balance – and I don‘t want to miss it anymore. It opened my eyes to the fact how segregated society still is at least in Germany. Where are the people that are disadvantaged in our daily lives? Who cares for them? One of the things I want to achieve is barrier free access to the building where my studio is and I am looking to apply for funding to do so.
But helping hasn‘t got to be as big as that it can be opening a door or carrying a bag, picking something up from the ground for someone. Do it with a smile and your day is made. Helping and caring means loving and love is the foundation of life. It just takes a little common sense and letting go.