Approaching life in a holistic way I should consider healthy nutrition. This is something I have not been good at for a long time. Of course, I cooked Finn‘s meals myself when he was little and kept doing so always trying to look at the label and keeping a healthy lifestyle in mind, being more on the vegetarian side. But for myself I skipped all this during high capacity work times. You would see me standing whilst eating a cheese sandwich rather than sitting down. Conscious living. Yeah right. At the same time I struggle to shop at the supermarket not wanting to buy grapes from chile or cow milk with hormons, plastic wrapping and so on. You don‘t know what‘s good anymore but definitely know what‘s not. Last year I got forced into a lession when I developed rosacea probably due to stress. Since noone really knows what causes this skin condition and it‘s got individual triggers for inflammation I had to change rapidly the way I eat. And that‘s a good thing. You are what you eat I guess. And how could I even miss to take care of this on so many occasions? When I came home from a recent business trip I bought artichokes at the local green grocer and celebrated the whole process from cooking to then eating them alone at the kitchen table without reading. Consciously enjoying every bite of it. I even made a mandala of the leaves afterwards. Then I got up and something had changed. It had moved from my mind to my soul. I got it. Eating well and nurturing myself is an important part of selfcare. How could I skip this? In April I turned vegan and try to eat glutenfree baking my own bread and taking time for food. And every now and then of course there is the need for soul food. Pommes Schranke or ice cream. It‘s the joker I pull out when need be. Because noones perfect and it‘s about nurturing yourself not punishing. 
Another thing I got to learn is ensuring enough sleep. My dad used to say I shouldn‘t underestimate the need for a good sleep and of course he was right. (Thanks Dad). It‘s the reset the body needs. If all fails just sleep. I‘m even lucky enough to be able to have cat naps during the day at my studio. If my body says no I listen now. That easy.