BA Course (Caroline Violante, AW13/14)

Photography: Anna Lena Ehlers
Models: Kevin Schmid, Frederick
Styling/ Design: Sarah Bürger

BA MoKoTex 2013/14 Free Falling Task: Capsule Collection Menswear (Sport/ Casual) , 3-5 Outfits, Moods, Sketches, Photo Series (excerpt) Timing: 1 term

the most important thing to me (in a garment) is movement

– seen in movement with giving a sound or silhouette…that‘s when

you know it works – (or not.)

What happens when you reach tipping point? How does creative climax feel? I explored the creative process and the lack of stability throughout until finally reaching for…I keep falling, total freedom at point of no return. Grasping „it“.. Inspired by Grupo di Rua and Bruno Beltrao with „Crackz“ I created a line with silhouettes following the movement of a dancer almost falling backwards. Obviously the models had to be dancers!