Conscious living is a lifetime goal. Everyone talks about it. What does it really mean? My personal approach to this is based upon #01 self/love – when you love yourself you make the right choices. You are conscious of your needs and those of everyone else – all going well that is. Taking time for yourself listening to your inner voice is basic – but it can be tricky between all this hustle and bustle we experience every day. Setting boundaries and taking note of energies around you is key to selfcare and consciousness. Here is a thought – how come that you can pick up a mobile phone and talk to someone at the end of this world? It‘s using the invisible energy flow of our planet. If the words were heard that we send through this energy every second it would be louder than anyone could bare. Everything and everyone carries an energy within them and around them. All these energies are real (talking physics here). But invisible. If you stop for one second and breathe in – and out. Look around you. And sense your body and mind. See the birds flying and the trees moving, watch the water flowing. Sense the wind touching your skin. You will get conscious. That‘s what this is about. Choose wisely which energies you share and cross. It can be people or places or things that get close. They have an influence on the way you feel and act. And noone else can sense what‘s inside you. So if I learned one thing it‘s that I need to choose wisely – exceptional people inspire you, people at a different stage in their lives may drag you down. Certain things may have a negative impact on your routines whilst others could aid your wellbeing. Sartre springs to my mind – damned to be free. It‘s the godgiven gift we acquire at birth and which comes with a responsibility. It all boils down to love. Freedom is love. Love is freedom. And once again – loving thy neighbour and every creature including yourself will lead to being conscious eventually. Conscious living in a nut shell.